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5 Skills Kids Can Learn From Train Toys

5 Skills Kids Can Learn From Train Toys

The classic wooden train set has been a cherished childhood favourite for generations, but this timeless toy has far more to it than you might think. Beyond offering kids hours of screen-free fun, this engine-ious invention has heaps of developmental benefits. Have a read to discover more! 

Figure Of Eight Train Set

Are Train Sets Good For Kids?

Toy train sets help children develop valuable skills, such as storytelling, creative thinking, dexterity, vocabulary, teamwork, turn-taking, mathematics and more. We take a closer look at 5 skills kids can learn from playing with train toys. 

1. Fine Motor Skills

Train sets are one of the best educational toys for developing a child’s fine motor skills. Piecing track together, pushing trains along and operating bridges and stations all help to strengthen the muscles in those little hands and fingers. All of our train sets feature lots of charming play pieces, from people to trees, houses and wildlife (even dinosaurs!), giving kids even more opportunities to practise their fine motor skills. 

Transport Train Set

2. Problem-Solving

Our wooden train tracks are designed to give kids the freedom to explore all sorts of different configurations, from simple figure-of-eight layouts to extensive rail networks. Problem-solving and critical thinking will naturally come into play as your youngster works on building and adapting their wooden railways to make them their own. 

Coastal Clean-Up Train Set

3. Imagination

Wooden train sets are fantastic for Montessori-style open-ended play. Our themed train sets invite kids to journey into new imaginative worlds. Tiny train-loving tots could go on a roar-some Jurassic adventure with our Dinosaur Train Set or sail shark-infested seas aboard our swashbuckling Pirate Train. You can support these creative play sessions by suggesting real-life scenarios they could act out, helping to develop their understanding of the big wide world!

Pirate Train Set

4. Language & Communication 

Storytelling is superb for vocabulary-building and it’s a skill that comes naturally when kids play with train toys. You can join in, too. In a pretend play setup, you could ask your littlen to illustrate their story as they go, whether they’re racing to put out flames aboard the Fire Rescue Train or riding to a land far, far away with their Fairy Train Set. You can also ask them to describe the different parts of their train set, from the wheels and the engine to the trees beside the track.  

Fairy Figure Of Eight Train Set

5. Mindfulness

Keep calm and carriage on! Playing with toy trains is a fun way for kids to blow off ‘steam’ and practise present-moment mindfulness as they focus on building their track and setting up imaginative play scenarios. Learning this skill early on in childhood helps kids in all aspects of their lives as they grow up, from improving concentration to managing emotions. 

Figure Of Eight Train Set

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