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Roarsome Dinosaur Train Toys For Toddlers

Roarsome Dinosaur Train Toys For Toddlers

On the hunt for a dinosaur train, but dino where to begin? We’ve got you. As expert craftspeople of wooden train toys, we put a lot of time and effort into creating the perfect railway sets and accessories, all made from high-quality, responsibly sourced materials. We craft everything from traditional train toys to quirky themed sets, such as farmyards, fairies, and (you guessed it) dinosaurs! 

Best Dinosaur Train Toys

These t-riffic dinosaur rail toys are saur to put a Jurassic smile on the faces of your dinky dino fans and little locomotive lovers. Have a read to discover more. 

Dinosaur Railway Set  

Dinosaur Train Set

Travel back in time to the Late Cretaceous period when pterodactyls soared and t-rexes roamed with this impressive Dinosaur Train Set. Watch a stegosaurus on its railway commute, brave the volcano tunnel to pass a tricksy triceratops, and climb the bridge to escape the velociraptor! This 49-piece kids train set comes with wooden train tracks, a railway engine and two carriages, plus a bunch of wooden dinosaurs, tunnels and trees. 

Dinosaur Railway Engine

Dinosaur Train

Reimagine your youngster’s classic train set with this Toy Dinosaur Train, which also makes a great addition to our Dinosaur Railway Set. The train toy includes a characterful railway engine with dinosaur facial features, and three train carriages for kids to transport precious (and prehistoric) cargo, such as hatching eggs and dinosaur bones! It also comes with an extra two pieces of wooden train track to extend your railway set. 

Dino Crane 

Child playing with Dino Crane

This working Dino Crane is a brilliant match for our Dinosaur Railway Engine. Use the wooden crane to lift the hatching eggs from the train carriage and unload them safely using the dinosaur’s magnetic mouth. Winding the crane up and down is a fun way to teach kids the concept of cause and effect, while imaginary play is fantastic for fostering creativity and developing children’s social, emotional and language skills. 

T-Rex Bursting Bridge 

Boy playing with T-Rex Bursting Bridge

The T-Rex Bursting Bridge is a wooden train accessory that'll make your youngsters roar with laughter! The t-rex is designed to crash through the bridge (which you can build with the pieces of ascending and descending track included) and send your trains flying! A dino-mite addition to our Dinosaur Railway Set. 

Bronto Riser

Child playing with Bronto Riser

Watch your trains climb up the dinosaur’s tail, back and head, before whizzing down the slope of the spectacular Bronto Riser! These charming wooden train track accessories feature a spotted grey brontosaurus with a yellow underside, teeth and feet, alongside two pieces of descending wooden track. 

T-Rex Tunnel

T-Rex Tunnel

Do you dare to pass through the T-Rex Tunnel? Embark on prehistoric railway adventures with this dinosaur-themed wooden train tunnel, featuring a ferocious t-rex on either side. You’ll also need to make it past the pterrifying pterodactyl guarding her nest on top of the tunnel! Pairs perfectly with our Dinosaur Train Set and is compatible with most other wooden railway brands. 

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