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Coastal Train Toys Your Kids Are Shore To Love

Coastal Train Toys Your Kids Are Shore To Love

World Ocean Day is an annual awareness day that’s all about educating grown-ups and kids on the importance of our oceans and how we can protect them. World Oceans Day 2023 falls on Thursday 8th June (just three sleeps away), so why not ‘shell-ebrate’ the day as a family and use it as ‘bait’ to teach your littlens how to look after our oceans? 

Bigjigs Rail Coastal Clean Up Train Set

This could involve taking part in a beach clean together, showing them how to recycle and explaining why we do it, or teaching them all about the role the ocean plays in our everyday life (best done while playing with one of our coastal train sets to pique their interest!). 

Toy Train Sets

These two wooden train sets are perfect for World Ocean Day, and our Coastal Clean Up Train Set, in particular, is a great way to get kids excited about ocean conservation

Coastal Clean Up Kids Train Set

Toddler playing with Coastal Clean Up Train Set

Learn through play with our 70-piece Coastal Clean Up Train Set, including a giant sandcastle tunnel, beach huts, cars, beach-goers and recycling bins - alongside an extended figure of eight-style wooden train track. Young eco-warriors can match the magnetic bottles and boxes to the correct recycling bins and read the Beach Clean Activity Book to discover more about how we can care for the oceans and environment. 

Pirate Toddler Train Set

Boy playing with Pirate Train Set

Batten down the hatches and get ready for a nautical escapade aboard the Pirate Train! Our 42-piece Pirate train set comes with a train and two carriages carrying a cannon and treasure chest, alongside a desert island, wooden pirate figures and marine life. Pint-sized pirates can journey along the bumpy train track past stormy seas and travel across the bridge to flee the octopus and shark-infested waters!

Wooden Toy Trains & Accessories

Now you have your train set sorted, you can get creative with our ‘so-fish-ticated’ collection of beach-themed wooden train accessories.  

Shark Attack Track

Boy playing with Shark Attack Train Accessory

A jaw-some addition to your toy train sets, the Shark Attack Track comes with two wooden sharks and a turntable for speedy escapes. Simply stop the train when you reach the shark fins blocking your way, then twist the turntable around and make a break for it!

Lighthouse Train Tunnel

Keep a lookout for ships or head out on a search and rescue mission with our four-way Lighthouse Tunnel. Sitting atop some rocks, the wooden train tunnel features a lighthouse keeper, a neighbouring cottage and an emergency helicopter and pilot. 

Crane Dock, Diver & Dingy

Boy playing with Bigjigs Rail Crane Dock

Bring imaginary ocean play to life with our Crane Dock wooden train track accessories. The set includes a toy crane for unloading cargo from ships, a diving dock, scuba diver and an orange dinghy for faraway adventures out at sea. 

Pirate Train

Get ready for a swashbuckling ride on our wooden Pirate Train. This toy train comes with an engine and three carriages with skull and crossbones signs on each. Each carriage features removable loads, including a cannon, treasure chest and pirate’s cabin. 

Shipwreck Bridge

Boy playing with Shipwreck Bridge

Shiver me timbers! Brave a journey across the Shipwreck Bridge or chug through the narrow tunnel formed by the sinking ship. This unique train track accessory features lots of realistic touches, such as wooden boat panels, cannons behind portholes, skull and crossbones signs, and shark fins swimming in wavy waters. 

Pirate Galleon Ship

Spark your children’s imagination with this beautifully crafted Pirate Galleon. Your toddler’s toy trains can choo-choo through the ship’s lower deck tunnel, complete with portholes, an anchor and an octopus in the waves. On the top deck, a large skull and crossbones flag stands as a warning of attack on the high seas! 

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