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7 Train Toys To Enhance Your Wooden Railway

7 Train Toys To Enhance Your Wooden Railway

It’s much easier than it ‘steams’ to revamp your tot’s wooden train set! We have shared a few ideas to help you get creative, whether that’s experimenting with the track layout or mixing things up with bridges, tunnels and towers. 

Top 7 Wooden Train Track Accessories

Keep your tot’s love of train toys on track and choo-choose from seven of our favourite wooden train accessories, from track expansion packs to rail letters. All of these accessories are compatible with our Bigjigs Rail train sets and most other major wooden railway brands. 

1. Wooden Train Track Set

 Girl playing with train toys expansion pack

There is so much you can do with our Wooden Train Track expansion packs. Using just a few extra track pieces, such as our Curves & Straights set, Track Splitters, Turntables, Crossovers or Ascending/Descending Track, you can create all sorts of cool layouts. Try the Rabbit Warren layout, with lots of hills and tunnels, or a Dog Bone track with loops on both ends. One of Bigjigs Rail’s best-selling expansion packs is our Crazy Track (Pack of 2)... all we’ll say is, it’s going to be a bumpy ride! 

2. London Underground Station

Boy playing with Underground Station and toy train

Mind the gap! Our Underground Station Train Toy is a wooden replica of London’s iconic tube stations. Just like you’ll find in the Big Smoke, this lifelike train toy features tiled walls, underground maps, a ticket machine and barrier, and three commuters (although you might find a few more of these on the real London Underground!). Pair with our Underground Train and chug through the tunnel, past the platform posters and cheeky mouse!   

3. Wooden Train Letters

Wooden train letters ABC

There’s something quite magical about seeing your littlen’s name wind around a wooden train set. Our Wooden Train Name Letters are a wonderful way to personalise their railway network and they come in all sorts of eye-catching colours, so you can pick their favourite or choose a variety for a rainbow effect. They also make a really special birthday or Christmas gift. If you want to add an extra little touch, pair your letter carriages with one of our battery-operated trains. Imagine the look on your child’s face as they watch their name turn and twist along the track!

4. Pixie Dust Tree House

Toddler playing with Pixie Dust Tree House train toy

A train accessory to enchant your ickle elves! The Pixie Dust Tree House Tunnel has been designed with fun, interactive features to engage youngsters. Kids can push the pixie dust disk and watch it roll from the top to the bottom of the treehouse. But don’t forget to catch the pixie dust in the pink train carriage! This charming toy train tunnel is the perfect addition to our best-selling Fairy Figure of Eight and Fairy Town Train Sets

5. Castle Drawbridge

Boy playing with Castle Drawbridge wooden train accessories

Kings and queens can take charge of their very own fortress with our working Wooden Drawbridge. Turn the dial to lower the bridge and let trains pass through, or wind it back up to stop trespassing enemies in their tracks! Perfect for inspiring mini imaginations through pretend play, the drawbridge has been crafted with lots of realistic touches, including battlements, brickwork and medieval torches. Practising how to twist the dial will also help to fine-tune your child’s dexterity and hand-eye coordination

6. Skull Cave

Child playing with Skull Cave wooden train toy

Ahoy there me hearties… yarrr it’s time to cross through the Skull Cave, ya scallywags! Pocket-sized pirates will love this Skull Cave tunnel, featuring an elasticated skull on one end and a fallen rock on the other. Both can be lifted up to let trains through or pulled down to trap them inside! Pair with our Pirate Train Set for more swashbuckling fun. 

7. Dino Crane 

Boy playing with Dinosaur Crane train toy accessory

Step back in time to prehistoric worlds with our Dinosaur Toy Crane. Turn the dial on the dino’s body to raise and lower its neck, then use its magnetic mouth to lift the baby dinosaur eggs off the train carriage, before safely unloading them into their nest. This friendly-faced herbivore will help to nourish your toddler’s cognitive development and improve their fine motor skills as they learn to wind the crane up and down.

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