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Spotlight On Our New Car Track Toy

Spotlight On Our New Car Track Toy

Drive excitement with our brand new car track set, made for pocket-sized petrol heads! We explore how car play can fuel your toddler’s development and take a closer look at some of our Roadway Race Day track’s coolest features. 

What Are The Benefits Of Toy Car Play?

As design experts of rail and roadway toys, we know a thing or two about how these traditional and beloved playthings can help littlens learn and develop


1. Fine Motor Skills

Figuring out how to grasp, keep hold of and move the toy cars around the track all help to strengthen young children’s muscle development, dexterity and hand-eye coordination

2. Curiosity & Imagination

Race track toys motivate kids to use their imaginations and think outside the box with different track layouts and make-believe storylines. They’re a great way to give tots a creative outlet to express themselves.

 Child playing with Figure of Eight wooden car toy

3. Problem Solving

Working out how to piece the tracks together or thinking up pretend play solutions for a ‘broken down car’ or ‘punctured tyre’ helps to nurture children’s cognitive development and strategic thinking

4. Language & Communication

Making up stories for their race car characters are a fun way for toddlers to build on their vocabulary and enhance their language and communication skills

Child playing with Roadway Race Day toy car race track 

5. Teamwork

Car toys are ideal for collaborative play and teaching kids about turn-taking, sharing, patience and working together towards a common goal. These lessons are important for nourishing children’s social skills and helping them grow in confidence.

Roadway Race Day Toy Car Track

Introducing Roadway Race Day! This 47-piece wooden race track toy is the ultimate gift for mini Formula 1 fanatics. Here are some of its most impressive features.

  • The track is designed with lots of realistic touches, such as red and white striped curbs, tyre skid marks and a pit stop to bring it to life and inspire imaginary play. The expansive layout will spark hours of fun with 24 track pieces, a bridge and a start-and-finish line featuring a checkered flag and traffic lights.  
Girl playing with Roadway Race Day car track toy
  • The cars are the perfect size for small hands. Each wooden toy car comes in its own colour and style, including a yellow car with fire and red and blue cars with striped racing decals. 
  • The extras are packed with play potential! All made from responsibly sourced wood, the roadway accessories include three race car drivers, audience members, trees, tyres, a winner’s podium and trophy cup. 
Roadway Race Day car track toy accessories

More From Our Toy Race Track Range

If Roadway Race Day isn’t quite right for your car-crazy toddler, we also have our Figure of Eight Roadway sets in natural wood or race track grey, or our incredible 105-piece City Road and Railway Set.

 Kids playing with City Road & Railway Set

You can expand any of our roadway race car toys with these accessory packs, featuring vehicles, road signs and much more!

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