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Best Train Sets For Animal Lovers

Best Train Sets For Animal Lovers

All aboard the animal express! There's something magical about wooden train sets that captivate the imagination of both kids and grown-ups. Fuse this fascination with another childhood fascination (animal toys) and you've got a wonderful combination that’ll keep kids entertained for hours. Join us to explore the benefits of animal train play and discover three of our favourite railway sets for little cubs! 

5 Benefits of Animal Train Toys

Toy animal train sets bring together the joys of wildlife and the allure of railway, creating a fun playtime experience that ignites creativity and learning. Here are 5 ways they can help your tiny train fan hit their developmental milestones

Girl playing with Bigjigs Rail Farm Train Set 

Imaginative play

Take a tiger on safari or a stegosaurus on a rail rescue mission! An animal-themed kids train set gives kids the chance to think up exciting storylines for their critters and take them on fascinating adventures around their railway network. This style of open-ended play nourishes children’s imagination and creativity, and also teaches them how to problem-solve as they come across different obstacles along the way.

Fine motor skills

Train play with toy animals involves precise coordination, as kids learn how to organise the tracks, push the carriages along, and arrange their wildlife figures. These activities help to boost a tot’s grasping skills, dexterity, and hand-eye coordination, preparing them with skills for the future! 

Dinosaur Train Set 

Social development

Collaborative play is fantastic for children’s social development, and playing with trains is a brilliant group activity that youngsters can enjoy with friends and family. Working side-by-side to piece together the tracks and navigate new animal adventures will teach littlens how to take turns, share, negotiate and communicate with their playmates. This can also, as a result, help to enhance their vocabulary and language skills

Unplugged play

Switching off and becoming engrossed in imaginative screen-free play is a wonderful mindfulness practice for kids. A wooden train set is perfect for this. These classic toys capture children’s attention and help to encourage calm, immersive play. Focusing their busy minds on the present moment can teach young ones how to concentrate on the task at hand, regulate their emotions, and cope with stressful situations

Boy enjoying a sensory activity with Safari Train Set 

Animal discovery

Playing with wildlife train sets helps kids to develop a basic understanding of animal characteristics, habitats, and geography. These playtimes spark enthusiasm and curiosity about the natural world, which opens up opportunities for mums and dads to share knowledge and fun facts about the planet’s fascinating creatures. 

3 Roar-some Animal Train Sets For Kids

Bring the animal kingdom to life with any one of these three themed train sets, a perfect gift for critter-mad kiddos! 

Safari Train Set

Girl playing with Bigjigs Rail Safari Train Set 

Go on a journey into the African savannah where lions, giraffes, elephants, zebras and monkeys roam! This 38-piece Safari Train Set comes with premium quality wooden track, a train and two viewing carriages, a waterfall bridge, safari animals toys, a ranger, jeep, signpost, tourists and trees.  

Farm Train Set

Boy playing with Bigjigs Rail Farm Train Set 

Animal fans will go quackers for this fa-baa-lous Farm Train Set! Kitted out with 44 play pieces, teeny train drivers can chug along the wooden track, over the apple orchard bridge and past the farmyard sheep, pig, and duck pond - making all the different animal noises as they go! 

Dinosaur Train Set

Boy playing with Bigjigs Rail Dinosaur Train Set

For dinky dino buffs, nothing can tricera-top this T-Rex-tra special Dinosaur Train Set. Littlens can step back in time to a prehistoric world as their train braves the volcano tunnel and whizzes over the bridge, past the terrifying velociraptor! This thrilling train set comes with 49 play pieces, including wooden train track, dinosaur toys, trees and much more.

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