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7 Stocking Fillers For Kids Who Love Train Toys

7 Stocking Fillers For Kids Who Love Train Toys

There’s ‘snow’ time like the present to start thinking about stocking fillers for your little locomotive lover. Bursting with charm and magic, train toys are the ultimate Christmas gift for kids (and the perfect size for stockings!). From personalised rail letters to festive toy trains, we have picked 7 of our favourite gifts for children to open on Christmas morning.

Christmas stockings above the fireplace

Christmas Train Set Stocking Fillers 

If you’re treating your toddler to a train set for Christmas or if you’d like to spruce up their old set with a few new accessories, here are some stocking filler ideas to inspire your gift-giving. 

1. Christmas Toy Train

Santa is doing things differently this year by delivering his presents aboard the Christmas Train! This enchanting wooden train features a red engine and three gift carriages. Pair it with our Candy Crane and you can use the crane to lift the Crimbo cargo off these carriages, furthering the fun factor.

Christmas Train stocking filler

2. T-Rex Bursting Bridge

If dinosaur toys are at the (tricera)top of your tot’s Christmas wish list, that’s roarsome! Designed to thrill, our interactive T-Rex Bursting Bridge is ready to cause some mischief. Push the dinosaur’s tail down and watch it crash through the bridge, causing the track pieces to break and toy trains to soar into the sky! The bridge comes complete with ascending and descending track, and is perfect for creative play

Boy playing with T-Rex Train Bridge Christmas stocking filler

3. Rail Name Letters

Personalise your kiddo’s stocking with a collection of Wooden Rail Letters spelling out their name! Imagine the joy on their face as they watch their name whizzing around the track come Christmas morning. Each rail letter is available in a variety of colours, so you can choose your child’s favourite or go for a mixture to create a rainbow effect. The letters are also removable from their wagons, so they can be switched and swapped around with other compatible carriages. 

Rail name letters ABC

4. Wooden Santa Train

A Santa Train? Sleigh what! Rudolph is on track with the Christmas deliveries this year as he speeds along the Bigjigs Rail network to ferry Santa and his toys to family homes across the globe! Our Santa Train features a wooden reindeer on wheels and a sleigh carriage with Santa sitting inside.  

Girl playing with Christmas Santa Train

5. Wooden Princess Train

For those dreaming of magical kingdoms and royal rail adventures this Christmas, our Princess Train is a perfect stocking filler. Welcoming a fairytale twist to traditional train play, this regal train features a pink engine and three pink carriages beautifully detailed with floral illustrations and the Crown Jewels!

Princess Train Christmas stocking filler

6. Candy Crane Train Tunnel

Unload precious present-filled cargo off the Christmas Train (sold separately) with this cute Candy Crane accessory. Your train-mad toddler can guide their trains under the snowy log cabin tunnel, past the Christmas tree, then twist the dial on the crane to remove festive freight

Girl playing with Christmas Candy Crane Tunnel

7. Battery-Powered Flying Scotsman 

The Flying Scotsman is a legendary locomotive, famous for its streamlined design and speed. It’s a must-have for any young train enthusiast! Styled in the Flying Scotsman’s iconic apple green shade, this miniature replica is battery-powered, so kids can link it up with other carriages and watch it chug around the track hands-free. 

Flying Scotsman train toy Christmas graphic

We wish you all a rail-y Merry Christmas! 

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