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A Spotlight On Our New Themed Train Toys

A Spotlight On Our New Themed Train Toys

Your attention, please! Two new train sets have pulled into the Bigjigs Rail station and we can’t wait to tell you all about them. You can also take a peek at our new collection of themed railway accessories to deck out your kiddie’s network. 

Train Toys For Every Interest

Few toys capture the imagination quite like trains! These timeless playthings transport children to adventurous new worlds and give them a chance to switch off and tune into immersive, unplugged play. These new train sets and accessories join Bigjigs Rail’s impressive collection of train toys for every interest, from dinosaurs and farm animals to fairies, safari wildlife and pirates. Let’s take a look!

Boy playing with Wild West Wooden Train Set

Wild West Train Set

Saddle up for a rootin’ tootin’ adventure with our Wild West Train Set, a rip-roaring 62-piece railway that’ll have young cowgirls and boys yeehawing in excitement! 

Get ready to climb aboard the wildest train in town, hauling your horse and carriage wagon through the twists and turns of the wooden track. Speed past the old ranch and chug up to the mountain gold mine, but hold onto your hats ‘cause a fun surprise awaits at the top. It's a gold rush with a railway twist! Simply drop the golden nugget down the zigzag track, then use the train cart to catch it at the bottom. 

Wild West Train Set infographic

But that’s not all. This action-packed wooden train set is loaded with play pieces, including cowboy figures, horses, houses, cacti plants and tumbleweeds blowing in the breeze. 

Saloon Tunnel

Steer your trains into our Wild West Saloon Tunnel! Styled with all the charm of a classic Western saloon, this wooden train tunnel is more fun than a square dance! Gaze up and you’ll see a traditional bull sign welcoming you in, then swing open the doors and wheel your train inside. 

Saloon Tunnel train set accessory infographic

Add this Wild West wonder to your little sheriff’s train set and watch their imagination gallop into overdrive. As well as boosting their creative thinking and storytelling skills, the Saloon Tunnel will help to improve your tot’s dexterity and hand-eye coordination. It’s a win-win, partner! 

Rickety Bridge

Horse around with our tricksy Rickety Bridge! Part of our Wild West range, this mischievous bridge has a sneaky secret to reveal. Sure, your trains might be able to make it to the tippity-top of the bridge, but will they manage to wrangle their way to the other side? Their fate is up to you. Twist the wheel and the bridge will collapse, or leave it be and watch your trains brave the wobbly track

Rickety Bridge train set accessory infographic

The Rickety Bridge is built to look just like the real thing, with creative illustrations of splitting wood and Wild West signage featured. 

Fun Fair Train Set

Step right up, folks, and behold the wonders of our thrilling 54-piece Fun Fair Train Set, your ticket to a fabulous fairground extravaganza! Zip your trains along the looping track, chugging beneath the big top circus tent, whizzing up and down the helter-skelter and zooming past the ticket office

Fun Fair Wooden Train Set infographic

As vibrant and colourful as a real carnival, this lively train set comes with a train engine and two carriages, alongside a candy floss stand, food trucks, amusement games and more. But the real magic happens when your youngster takes centre stage, dreaming up make-believe stories for their fairground characters.

Ferris Wheel Tunnel (coming soon)

Twist the wooden cog and watch the carnival-goers spin ‘round and ‘round on our wooden Ferris Wheel! This rollicking fairground ride doubles up as a train tunnel, so your engines and carriages can pass through as the wheel whirls around. 

Ferris Wheel toy train tunnel infographic

The Ferris Wheel Tunnel has been thoughtfully designed with interactive features and pops of reds, yellows and blues to evoke the festival feels! It’s a feast for the eyes and provides a perfect backdrop for imaginative play

Tea Cup Turntable 

All aboard the Tea Cup Turntable! Trains can park up for a whimsical ride on this vintage tea cup ride, then switch directions as they alight onto one of the four connecting tracks. Part of our Fun Fair range, the turntable features lots of bright colours and patterns to captivate children’s imaginations.

Tea Cup Turntable train set accessory

Beyond the fun factor, this quirky accessory is a fantastic way to nourish your kiddo’s narrative thinking, creativity and fine motor skills

More From Our New Toy Trains

This month, we've also launched a one-of-a-kind Lava Pit Tunnel (where trains can plummet into the lava and shoot out the other side!), alongside our Dino Riser Tunnel, Barnyard, Gantry Crane, Postal Train and Intercity 125 Train.

Child playing with Bigjigs Rail's new train toys & accessories

Shop our new range of toy trains and accessories out now!

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