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5 Wooden Train Sets For Screen Free Week

5 Wooden Train Sets For Screen Free Week

In today’s digital era, where screens dominate kids’ entertainment, it’s easy to overlook the timeless joy found in traditional toys. As technology advances, so does the allure of screens, drawing kids into a world of virtual adventures. However, one classic toy that continues to captivate young minds is the wooden train set.

Wooden train sets have been a childhood staple for decades and are perfectly tailored to unplugged and unstructured screen free play. The open-ended nature of train play allows for boundless creativity and exploration as kids design and construct their own miniature railway worlds. 

There’s also something in the tactile satisfaction of wooden train sets, which contrasts the intangible quality of on-screen entertainment and adds a sensory dimension to the play experience. 

Fairy Town Train Set in a child's playroom 

What Is Screen Free Week?

Screen Free Week is an initiative designed to encourage us all to switch off our screens and engage in real-world activities. For kids, it’s a great reminder to embrace other forms of play and yield the benefits of more authentic toys and playthings. 

5 Train Sets For Screen Free Week

To kick off Screen Free Week, we explore 5 of our most exciting train sets that promise to deliver hours of screen free fun. 

1. Fun Fair Train Set 

Bigjigs Rail Fun Fair Train Set

Welcome, boys and girls, to this spectacular 54-piece Fun Fair Train Set! New to the Bigjigs Rail range, this wooden train set is a passport to exhilarating fairground adventures. Kiddies can watch in awe as their trains zip along the winding tracks, weaving beneath the grand circus tent, racing up and down the helter-skelter, and speeding past the busy ticket office. It’s just like a real carnival, with rides, amusement games, food trucks, and fair-goers - but in miniature! 

2. Fairy Town Train Set 

Girl playing with Fairy Town Train Set

Enter a magical realm where fairies and woodland creatures dwell with our whimsical Fairy Town Train Set. Bursting with charm, this impressive 75-piece set is ready to whisk your littlen off to a land far, far away (from the comfort of their playroom!). Styled in popping pinks and purples, the set comes with a fairy train engine, 2 carriages, a helicopter, an engine shed, a bridge and 2 train tunnels, plus fairy figures, houses, trees, toadstools, and more.     

3. Wild West Train Set 

Boy playing with Wild West Train Set

Saddle up for a journey into the wilds of the Old West! Another newbie to the Bigjigs Rail collection, our Wild West Train Set is a 62-piece railroad adventure, designed to ignite the imagination of young cowgirls and boys. Ickle outlaws can navigate the twists and turns of the wooden track, hauling their horse and carriage wagon, chugging past the rustic ranch, and climbing towards the mountain gold mine. But they must brace themselves for a surprise at the summit! Here, they can drop a golden nugget down the zigzagging track and catch it in the train cart at the bottom.

4. Farm Train Set 

Boy playing with wooden Farm Train Set 

Experience the charm of rural life with our 44-piece Farm Train Set, sparking endless storytelling ideas and imaginative escapades. Youngsters can take on the role of a train conductor or farm hand, as they guide their trains through lush apple orchards, assisting the farmer in delivering hay bales, feeding the animals, and taking a leisurely break by the tranquil duck pond! 

5. Fire Station Train Set 

Bigjigs Rail Fire Station Train Set

Sound the alarm and rush to the rescue with this action-packed Fire Station Train Set! Young heroes can role-play thrilling firefighting scenarios with this 39-piece set, featuring a train engine and 2 carriages, a fire station, wooden tree, cat figure, ladder, fire truck, firefighters, safety signs, and more.

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