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Celebrating Our Emergency Service Heroes

Celebrating Our Emergency Service Heroes

What better way to get kids involved in supporting our heroic emergency service workers than through play? Children can discover how to use the emergency services responsibly, the work they do and how it saves lives. 

Fire Service

In the UK there are two types of firefighters: wholetime firefighters and retained firefighters. Wholetimers work full-time on day and night shifts and can be found in towns and cities. Retained firefighters work part-time and often have full-time jobs elsewhere; they can be found in villages and small towns. 


The fire service has ranks which are (from lowest to highest):

  • Firefighter
  • Crew Manager
  • Watch Manager
  • Station Manager
  • Group/Area Manager
  • Assistant Chief Fire Officer
  • Deputy Chief Fire Officer
  • Chief Fire Officer

Ignite young imaginations with our unique collection of fire train sets and accessories that are designed to inspire future Chief Fire Officers. 

Fire Sea Rescue

fire and rescue train

Race to the rescue by rail and sea with Fire Sea Rescue. Young firefighters can safely tackle any blaze using the fire hose and if they’re running low on water, can re-fill their reserves with the water tank carriage. 

Fire and Rescue Train

fire and rescue toy train

Watch as the fire train engine pulls three carriages of hoses, a water tank and more with our Fire and Rescue Train. Fire chiefs can unload the two water hoses, a water tank and a rescue carriage at the scene of the fire to extinguish it in minutes.

Fire Station Train Set

bigjigs fire station train set

Aspiring firefighters will enjoy rescuing cats from trees and fighting fires with our Fire Station Train Set. The fire and rescue train can speed through the fire station tunnel and get straight to the scene where two firefighters are on hand to climb ladders and use the fire hydrant. 

So, how does water extinguish a fire? The answer is that water both cools and smothers fires at once: it cools it so it no longer burns and smothers it so the oxygen source stops. It’s estimated large fires require 20,000 gallons of water to control a blaze.

Search and Rescue

In the UK, land-based searches for missing people are coordinated by the local Police but assisted by local volunteer agencies who are a part of the Association of Lowland Search And Rescue. 

rnli lifeboat

Her Majesty’s Coastguard is responsible for maritime search and rescue missions and is one of the four main emergency services. Lifeboats are provided to HM Coastguard by volunteer organisations such as the RNLI and air-sea rescue is provided by Bristow Helicopters.

Mountain Rescue

mountain rescue train

Save people stuck at the top of the mountain with Mountain Rescue. Hover the helicopter over the peak and navigate the tricky terrain with the 4x4 vehicle. The helicopter can attach the supplies crate to its magnetic base to drop off at the scene.

Mountain rescue staff are on call 24/7, 365 days a year to save climbers from danger, reunite lost walkers, and transport casualties to the hospital. They also help to locate missing people and search rivers and flooded urban streets. 


lighthouse train accessory

Watch the ships come in and look out for any boats in distress from the top of the Lighthouse. If they spot something suspicious in the distance, they can radio the pilot and get the helicopter to investigate. In the meantime, the rescue train can pass through the four-way tunnel with its care supplies.

Did you know that HM Coastguard Search & Rescue has undertaken over 1,000 rescue missions? With 10 bases around the UK, they are able to launch aircraft within 15 minutes of receiving a call-out. 

Crane Dock, Diver & Dinghy

search and rescue train accessory

Send the diver searching for lost cargo and missing people with our Crane Dock, Diver & Dinghy. Trains can pass the diving dock and watch as the diver goes underwater or rows the dinghy. The dock has a magnetic pulley that lifts the wooden cargo boxes to and from the carriage.

Did you know that RNLI volunteer lifeboat crews provide a 24/7 rescue service and have saved over 142,700 lives since 1824?

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