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Which Toy Trains Are Best? Our Favourite Bigjigs Rail Trains

Which Toy Trains Are Best? Our Favourite Bigjigs Rail Trains

Kids are fascinated by trains - whether it’s watching Thomas the Tank Engine on repeat, playing with their favourite train set, or seeing them chug past at the local train station, it’s easy to see why trains are well-loved by children. Explore our favourites below.

1. Flying Scotsman Battery Operated Train

This green icon needs no introduction! One of the most famous locomotives on the planet, the Flying Scotsman was the first train to reach 100mph and travel the world. The Bigjigs Rail Flying Scotsman looks just like the real thing and even sounds like it too.

To get it whizzing along the wooden train track, simply press the button (this will make the realistic sounds play, too). The magnetic couplings and steering wheels enable it to pull lots of carriages. For more hands-on train fun, we have our Flying Scotsman wooden train too.

2. Princess Train

Who said trains are just for boys? Add a sprinkle of fairy dust to a pink train set with our Princess Train. Packed with gorgeous detail, this fancy toy train features an engine, three carriages with removable freight (which includes the crown jewels and Royal Carriage) and two pieces of train track. 

The ideal wooden train accessory for our Fairy Figure of Eight Train Set, push it along to get going and use the magnetic couplings to attach the carriages together. Compatible with most other major wooden railway brands.

3. Eurostar e320 Train

Travel to the continent in style with Eurostar. In an exclusive Bigjigs Rail and Eurostar collaboration, our Eurostar toy train comes with two engines, a carriage and two pieces of track. Did you know that the e320 reaches a maximum speed of 200mph?

Transform your wooden railway into a pretend London-Paris-Brussels line! The true-to-life colours and shape of this impressive wooden train add a brilliant realistic touch to your favourite train set. 

4. Stephenson’s Rocket Engine

An icon of the Georgian era, Stephenson’s Rocket is part of our Heritage Collection and is licensed from the National Railway Museum. Rocket was built in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1829 and was the world’s first inter-city passenger railway line.

The bold yellow shade looks great on any train set and the magnetic couplings are compatible with all other Bigjigs Rail engines and carriages as well as most major wooden rail brands.

5. Mallard Battery Operated Train

Designed by Sir Nigel Gresley in 1938, the Mallard is the world’s fastest steam locomotive. The Mallard train is famous for its distinctive wedge-shaped design which helps it cut through the air and reach top speeds of 120mph. 

To get it zooming along the track, press the button and watch it race around corners and hurtle up hills. Use either as a solo engine or with carriages attached to its magnetic coupling. We also have a Mallard wooden train, too.

6. Underground Train

Bring the spirit of London to the playroom with our London Underground Train. Just like the real thing, it’s ready to transport commuters and tourists round the city. Comes complete with 3 underground carriages & 3 pieces of wooden track. 

Which station is it stopping at next? Encourages creative and imaginative role play and is compatible with both Bigjigs Rail and most other major wooden rail brands. 

7. Dinosaur Railway Engine

Take a trip through a prehistoric land with our Dinosaur Railway Engine and Carriages. Ideal for transporting dinosaur bones and hatching eggs, this unique roar-some train encourages creative and narrative thinking.

Use on a regular train set or pair with our Dinosaur Train Set for lots of Jurassic fun. Magnetic couplings ensure compatibility with other Bigjigs Rail toys and most major wooden rail brands.

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