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Sprinkle Some Fairy Dust with Bigjigs Rail

Sprinkle Some Fairy Dust with Bigjigs Rail

Leave a little sparkle this International Fairy Day! At Bigjigs Rail, we love fairies and it’s no surprise that a few of our train toys are inspired by these mystical creatures. Fulfil your little fairy lover’s magical fantasies with our charming fairy train set collection.


Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

Our Favourite Fairy Pink Train Sets

Fairy Figure of Eight

fairy train set

The ideal wooden train set for beginners, our 35-piece Fairy Figure of Eight train set comes packed with pretty houses, trees and toadstools. The simple figure of eight track layout is easy for mini train enthusiasts to assemble and set up their dream fairy tale layout. Shop Now

Fairy Town Train Set

bigjigs fairy town train set

The fairies are in town to depart to a magical land far, far away. Our 75-piece Fairy Town Pink Train Set features pinks, pastels and fairy figures and is a must-have for any fairy fanatic. With colourful train carriages, trees, houses and a helicopter, there’s plenty going on to make a pretty pink landscape. Shop Now

Fairy Wooden Train Accessories

Pixie Dust Tree House

pixie dust treehouse

An enchanting wooden train set accessory, the Pixie Dust Tree House comes with a wooden pixie dust disc, treehouse and a train carriage to catch the pixie dust. Pop the pixie dust disc at the top of the treehouse and watch it tumble down and land in the carriage below. A magical way to bring a wooden train set to life. Shop Now

Powerful Pink Battery Operated Train

pink battery operated train

Add a pop of (battery) power to your train set with our Battery Operated Powerful Pink Loco. Watch it move along as a solo engine or with carriages attached via the magnetic coupling. Requires two AAA batteries (not included) and a little finger to push the ‘on’ button to get going. Compatible with all Bigjigs Rail products and most other major wooden railway brands. Shop Now

Pink Brick Tunnel

pink brick tunnel

Whizz your fairy train through the Pink Brick Tunnel! With beautiful brick and vine detail, this tunnel is something straight out of a fairy tale. At just 14.5cm in length, it is the perfect size for small hands to be able to easily pass their trains through. Shop Now

Princess Train

princess pink train

Add a regal touch to your fairy wooden railway set up with our Princess Train. Each carriage is a vibrant pink or purple shade and has opulent detailing - see if you can spot the carriage carrying the prized Crown Jewels! Features an engine, three carriages with removable freight and two pieces of wooden train track. Shop Now

What’s your favourite fairy train set?

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